Technology plays a major role in 21st-century education — where it has been an era of massive technical advancements. Part of this leading edge of technological development is Computer Programming. Computer programming is the process of giving computers instructions in order to achieve a specific goal. These instructions are known as code. 

What is code?

Coding is a computer language and a way to communicate with computers. It is such an important aspect of technology and has a profound impact on the future of technology and subsequently, our daily lives in ways we’re only beginning to fathom.

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Now, the question is ‘How important is coding that we teach them at an early age?’

We can’t deny the fact that whenever we hear the words — computer programmingcodingJavaScript, and database — we often get scared for no particular reason.

That’s why I wanted to share some reasons for the importance of coding at an early age. Knowing these will give you and your child confidence and help enjoy every hour you spend coding.

  • Coding helps children to maximize their skills and inner knowledge and there are various ways to teach these abilities as children grow older, but one big advantage of coding is that it allows these skills to be introduced at an even earlier age. 
  • Technology is our future. Learning coding will literally help your child to keep up with the advancement of technology and the future it brings to society.
  • Learning to code is a great idea especially if your child aspires to be an engineer, software developer, computer architect, and the list goes on. Learning to code will help them with their career with job opportunities that pay well.
  • Coding improves communication. Coding teaches kids a new language in a logical way by breaking down problems into communicable parts.

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