Our kids are naturally curious and exploring and as they grow, they need to learn to develop their emotional, behavioral, and intellectual skills. Coding may be one of the skills a child must learn, given the fact that it has a lot of benefits – fosters creativity, improves math skills, improves focus skills and the list goes on. 

Coding, no matter what year we are, will always be a vital point of technology.  The demands of it open a lot of career opportunities to everyone. As a parent, it’s always our job to impart our knowledge to our kids besides letting them learn in school and by themselves. The challenging part now is teaching something you lack knowledge of, such as training your child to code.

So, what are the ways to teach our kids coding?

How to Teach Kids Coding

Parents do not need substantial programming experience in order to teach their kids to code.

Here are 4 tips and resources to help teach your kids to code.

1. Materials

First and foremost, in order to start teaching your kids how to code, we need to have two things –Computer and Internet connection

To be honest, using the internet when coding is not needed, but it is strongly recommended because it aids in the development process. If you have a problem or you want to share your project, for example, you might wish to use the internet as your tool for this and you can always ask Google for any problems you encounter along the way.

2. Introduce age-appropriate coding concepts

At each age, children comprehend a concept in a different way. In order for us to teach our kids to code, we must consider the child’s age – that is, his or her developmental maturity or preparedness. No matter how good the skills we are teaching to the child, if the child is not ready yet, it will make no sense.

A research-based strategy to teaching real-world skills in a way that keeps children engaged is to use games, apps, and other kid-centric projects in kids’ computer programming classes. With young students, many parents prefer visual block platforms to start.

3. Play coding games

Playing is always something that kids love and it helps them develop their social skills, language, and communication. As a result, it is a great way to start your child’s coding journey.

Before you even start teaching your kids to code, I suggest you ask them to choose whichever theme he/she likes in order to make the coding more exciting. There are several coding organizations available on the internet to help teach your child. One to mention is Code.orgCode.org offers a series of several courses, after which kids gain relevant skills to create their own games. They offer a wide range of game-based coding lessons that are segmented in accordance with students’ grades and ages.

4. Ballin Technology Hour of Code Free activities

At Ballin Technology, we aim to introduce kids all around the world to computer programing. We make coding as easy as dragging blocks made of codes. The visual blocks we use make coding fun and engaging. Our program combines the benefits of teacher-led instruction, a student-centered approach, and hands-on, project-based learning, in the comfort of your home. No experience? No worries! We can teach kids ages 8-13.

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