In a modern world where technology is the trend, we must inculcate to the young minds the skills of the 21st century. One of these “must-skills” is CODING

Here are some reasons to why kids should learn Coding:

1. Coding improves Problem-Solving Skills

Every day, we encounter different problems and find ways to overcome them. A young mind, of course, is not exempted. Problem-solving skills can be a guarantee that we’ll survive in this fast-pacing world. It’s a crucial life skill they’ll need to master in order to make good choices for themselves. 

When it comes to coding, kids live in a world that values logic, correctness, and precision. As a result, the practice of coding allows children to put their problem-solving and analytical talents to the greatest possible use.  

2. Coding improves Focus skills

Lots of children have trouble with focus and concentration and later may lead to behavioral problems. Coding is a great way to improve the child’s ability to focus.

The logical aspect of coding encourages sustained focus and ordered thinking by identifying a problem, thinking through processes, and then implementing a solution. Because completing a project in coding is fun and engaging — children push themselves to concentrate, organize, and complete it. 

3. Coding improves math skills

Coding develops computational thinking. There are more and more efforts to promote coding as a method of mathematics instruction. Coding consists of a sequence of courses that introduce specific commands, expressions, and constructs, followed by a number of exercises that put those structures to the test.

Coding, like any other activity, improves with practice and gains skills along with it. The mathematical skills children inherent in programming will benefit them in any activity, both inside and outside the classroom!

3. Coding fosters creativity

According to Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Children in nature are exploring, discovering, and communicating. Being creative has the potential to assist young minds in becoming more engaged and present members of society.

Coding is only one component of a wide range of digital skill sets that can help young people express their creativity. Give children purposeful play through independent activities like coding. One of the amazing jobs that coding does is to assist kids in technology-based culture in making the transition from “consumer” to “maker“. 

Begin learning today!

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